Break the memory card


Alberto Orrù professional photographer

My project, Break the memory card, was born in 2012, out of my need to create something different from the usual digital photography.  We take every day millions of photographs, but most of these are usually not printed. This, in my opinion, is causing a general devaluation of photography. Today everyone thinks they are a photographer, based on the fact that a nice and perfect photo is enough to be a photographer. However, the world is full of perfect photographs, but finding photos that are able to communicate something is becoming increasingly rare.

So, I came up with this idea to bring together the digital and the analogue world.

“Not knowing how to paint, photography gave me the chance to express my thoughts”.

The problem and the advantage of digital photography is the ability to reproduce a photo an infinite number of times, that is why my technique includes three main steps: taking photos, printing them and destroy. All this happens within a few minutes.  In fact, once the photos are printed, I break the SD card  containing them, so as to avoid a second copy. This way, photography regains its value, becoming unique and unrepeatable.

For this project, I definitely needed to choose Fuji film, which is the only camera manufacturer offering  instantaneous analogue printing with small and portable printers . For this project I was inspired mainly by cubists like Picasso and Braque, and Dadaists, but above all Lucio Fontana, Maurizio Galimberti and David Hockney.